Hi, my name is Ryan and first of all let me take this opportunity to welcome you to my blog. If you are reading this, then that probably means that you are curious as to what Point Break Lifestyle is. But that might be the wrong question to be asking yourself, as it’s not so much about what Point Break Lifestyle is, but more what it represents.

For me, it represented a huge turning point within my life. At a time when it appeared that I was lost and unhappy I needed to make a change, but was at a loss as to what I needed to do. Ever since I left school I had been stuck (or at least I felt as though I was) in jobs that I had little or no interest in. I disliked my job and dreaded the thought of the alarm sounding in the morning and living out Groundhog Day yet again. I felt as though I was wasting my life and that it had no purposeful meaning. I lacked direction and couldn’t bear the thought of where my life was heading until finally I reached my point break- I’d had enough!

I wasn’t prepared to let life pass me by anymore and decided to take charge of my own future. I made the call that my instincts were crying out for me to do – I handed my notice in at work, vacated my accommodation, sold all my worldly belongings, packed a bag and set off upon my own travelling adventure. I’m going to document my journey, the destinations that I visit and the changes that I make as a person here on my blog. Simple- a one way ticket!

Now I’m not claiming to have life all figured out, far from it! I’m simply putting one foot forward at a time whilst trusting myself to see if I can aspire to become something more than what I was yesterday. I have come to the realisation that within life we must never allow ourselves to take council from fear, as I firmly believe that we must push ourselves outside of our comfort zone on a regular basis to keep progressing as people and to tap into our full potential.

As an individual, you have to find that piece of mind that when your head touches the pillow of an evening you know that you gave it your best shot and I know that when all is said and done, I would rather regret the things that I had the courage to do, than the things that I never did.

That’s what Point Break Lifestyle represents; it’s that moment when you reach the point at which you break with your old life and want to change. It’s a new belief, a new way of thinking, a new outlook, a new you, it’s a lifestyle that holds no limits!