Im not sure that you ever master an art form. You set off on a journey making gradual improvements before arriving at a stage where you might be good or even great, but you never stop learning or refining your work. Photography is no different and when you first begin it can seem like there is a lot to figure out and that is why I have compiled a small list of tips that I wish I knew when I first started. Here is my list of 5 things I wish I knew about photography when I first started- I hope this is helpful!

1)Lighting is everything

You can have all the best equipment and editing tools in the world at your disposal, but when all is said and done it is lighting that will be the biggest factor in determining how your photographs turn out.

Mastering the art of manipulating and working with the best light available is key to progressing your photography.

2)Thinking I needed the best equipment

All the greatest and most important photographs through history have been taken on cameras worse than ones that we have available on our smart phones today. Taking great photographs has nothing to do with the equipment that you use.

Yes, it can help later on down the line, but having an eye for capturing a moment or telling a story with your photography is more important than what you are shooting it on.

3)Comparing my photos to other peoples

There are many great and talented photographers out there in the world. You only have to take a quick look at instagram and you are inundated with endless amounts of fantastic photographs.

But comparing you’re photography to other peoples work is not a healthy or realistic yardstick as to where you are as a photographer.

You might be seeing photography from someone who has a lot more years experience than you. It is also worth remembering that people only show their best work, so they are not producing photographs of that quality everyday.

They also have bad days at the office! So never compare or get disheartened and progress at your own pace.

4)Listening to others and following trends

Photography is an art form so there for it is subjective! What you might like in a photograph someone else might not.

That doesn’t mean either is right or wrong and that is part of the beauty about photography. That is why I believe that following what someone else says you should do, buying presets or following trends, is not the way to go.

Yes you can take snippets of information and tips from people but trust your own creative process and figure it our for yourself, that way your own unique style will blossom.

5)Thinking I could rectify a photo in edit

There are many great editing tools available now to photographers but non will be able to turn a bad photo into a good one.

Yes you can sometimes recover an under or overexposed photograph but having your photograph as close to perfect in camera is key. That way when you bring it into edit, you can just make the smaller tweaks that are needed instead of trying to turn something that is bad into something good.

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