10 Reasons To Travel Solo

I’m sure that most of us have been in that position at some point in our lives. We want to travel somewhere, but we have no one to go with. Whether that be because all our friends are busy, in relationships, we’re single and don’t have a partner to go with, or maybe we just want to really go somewhere that our friends and partner have no interest in visiting. Either way we are left with the age-old conundrum of whether to venture off on our own, or not at all. I am here to tell you to take that leap of faith and set off on that solo adventure. But if you are still a little hesitant and unsure, here are my 10 reasons to travel solo.

1. It will broaden your horizons.

You will realise that there is a whole world out there waiting to be discovered. You will encounter new cultures, meet new people and sample new experiences; all of which will help to open up your mind in a way that will help benefit and shape you as a person for years to come.

2. It will increase your self-confidence.

Traveling alone means that you will have to make all decisions by yourself. This is quite the liberating experience as you realise that you are capable in more ways than you ever imagined, increasing your confidence in your own abilities to act and make tough choices on your own, rendering your need to feel reliant on others.

3. You will meet new people.

When travelling with others it can often leads us to stay within our circle, making us a little unsociable to whoever is not in our group. But when travelling alone it opens up the opportunity to strike up conversation with others and vice versa, opening up the opportunity to meet people you wouldn’t ordinarily meet and make new friendships.

4. You will have a greater appreciation for your surroundings.

Being a solo traveler means that you are far more likely to take notice of your surroundings and what is happening around you, leading to a more gratifying and fulfilling experience. You revel in the sights and pay more attention to the details that you might otherwise miss when chatting to a travel companion. You also find more time for exploration, meaning that you will discover a lot more of what your destination might have to offer.

5. You don’t have to compromise.

When travelling with a companion you might have to make certain compromises with regards to what you want to do and when. But all of those rules go out of the window when travelling alone as you get to plan your perfect itinerary and not only do it when you wish but with a big smile on your face also.

6. It leads to self-discovery.

You will find out so much more about who you are and where you want to go with your life as you are only focused upon yourself and what you want. Being by yourself allows for reflection away from your usual environment which allows you to take a step back and help de-clutter your thought process and put a lot into perspective.

7. It’s easier to organise.

We all know how hard it can be to organise a meal with friends let alone a holiday. Organising dates to travel, agreeing on a destination, what you want to do when you get there- frankly, it can be a nightmare! Well, all of that is non-applicable on your holiday for one as you get to choose when, where and what you want to do; meaning that you get to plan the perfect holiday itinerary without all of the stress.

8. You could unearth a new passion.

I unearthed a passion for photography and traveling on my first solo adventure. Due to me traveling by myself, I decided to invest in a camera and caught the travel bug. It was the best thing I have ever done as I love wandering of into a new city exploring and capturing photographs as I go. This wouldn’t have happened if I had been traveling with other people as I would have more than likely just gone along with what everyone else was doing and planned group activities.

9. It forces you out of your comfort zone.

We humans tend to be creatures of habit. We generally feel at our most comfortable within our own routines in life. Solo travel forces us out of our comfort zone allowing us to sample new experiences that we wouldn’t normally think of or be able to do. This allows us to evolve as people which is vital, as if we are not evolving then we are standing still.

10. You can stick to your own budget.

When in a group it can be hard if you are on a budget. Group activities, meals, drinks, shopping can often lead to your spending spiralling out of control. No such worries when you are on your own as you get to pick and choose what and how much you spend making for a more budget friendly experience.

So those are my 10 reasons to travel solo. If you are contemplating a solo adventure but are a little hesitant and daunted by the whole thought of it that is fine- do not worry! Most people feel like that when traveling alone for the first time but I implore you to take that leap of faith and go for it as it will probably be one of the best and most exciting things that you ever do.

Considering traveling alone for the first time? If so where are you thinking about going on your first solo adventure? Leave your comments below.

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