Washington DC

Having planned on visiting Washington DC once again this year, that now no longer looks like being a possibility and the trip will have to wait! Such an amazing and special city, I look forward to being able to return again one day. But until that day comes, I wrote a poem to let this fantastic city know that the memories from my last visit are never far away from the front of my mind.

To my darling DC,

The train stops, our eyes meet as you recognise me, I smile at my darling Washington DC;

A year having passed since I laid eyes on you last, you caused a skip and a flutter like that girl from my past.

As the last dying embers of summer illuminated the sky I cantered along, carefree, a glint in my eye;

Lincoln and Washington watched over us at night, causing me to step back and admire this truly resplendent sight.

I saunter before pausing along the National Mall, admiring a rare beauty that is witnessed by all;

Monumental in stature, whilst adored with affection, I made one admiring glance as I caught your reflection.

I live in the moment, a whisper, you’re shy; clear eyes, I’m present; the moment passes us by.

You flirt with the camera; I’m drawn to your eyes; silence falls upon stillness- a melodic sunrise.

When admiring your beauty there need be no reason; you flatter, you blush in cherry blossom season.

Memorials of the past offer time to honour and reflect whilst making us grateful, emotional and full of respect.

In Arlington where rows of white headstones are set those brave names engraved we shall never forget.

The White House, imposing, standing proud and so tall; even though the occupant is not admired by all!

A trump card that causes divide and debate; does another term beckon? We shall have to wait.

A capitol building that illuminates the night, a beacon, a symbol, an awe-inspiring sight.

Running so deep and so dear to you, the star-spangled banner- the red, white and blue.

Beauty and admiring glances aside I know a great history fills this capital with pride.

As our time nears its end you turn to me, I long for one more night with my darling DC.

You pull me in close to whisper farewell; Washington DC I’m forever under your spell.

As the time comes to leave emotions run high, we pause, I blink, you’re gone, goodbye!

Have you visited Washington DC before? Let me know in the comments below.

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