Autumn Travel Photos

With summer almost coming to a close for another year, it got me thinking about which is my favourite season for travel and photography. No doubt each season has its pros and cons, but if I were to pick one above the rest it would have to be autumn. Those stunning colours as the trees begin to turn from green to a vibrant mixture of amber and red look all the more impressive set against the backdrop of moodier tones that a late autumnal evening sky delivers. Places tend to be a little less crowded, there is a light crispness in the air and an altogether more calm feel as the summer holiday season winds itself down. Whether it be a stroll through Central Park in New York or Margaret island in Budapest, catching a sunrise from the steps of the Lincoln memorial in DC or a sunset in Venice, or simply partaking in a countryside stroll through little old Rutland, autumn has always been my favourite season for wanderlust. I hope you enjoy my autumn travel photos.

What is your favourite season for travel and photography? Are you looking forward to autumn? Let me know in the comments below.

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