Budapest through the lens

Having left Croatia, my travels brought me to Budapest. Once, one of the best kept secrets in Europe, the cat is well and truly out of the bag, as the Hungarian capital is now a popular haven to visit amongst tourists from around the globe seeking to explore this picturesque part of the world and discover all the cultural delights that Budapest has to offer.

Hungary’s capital has a lot to offer. No doubt you will have seen endless beautiful photographs of the Danube meandering its way through the city and providing quite the spectacular backdrop for that picture perfect holiday snap. On late summer evenings, the sun sets and colours dance their way through the sky as the city lights up to show off its full beauty.

Budapest is more than just a riverfront. It has a vibrant nightlife, catering to those night owls who enjoy socialising into the early hours. Cafes, coffee houses and restaurants are a plenty for the casual day goers looking to sidle their way through streets as they grab a bite to eat or a latte. Retail therapy enthusiasts won’t be found wanting either, as a vast collection of high end shopping outlets, ranging from clothes to jewellery, will leave you feeling as though Christmas has come early. Then, of course, there will be those looking to partake in a more cultural and historical excursion through the Hungarian capital. Not to worry, Budapest is a city that is rich in both, providing a cultural elegance to go along with a deep history.

If you are thinking that this all sounds great but are deliberating about what time of year you should visit, then I can only recount my own experiences and I would personally plump for January or February. Why? You might be asking yourself as I have just waxed lyrical about the beauties of summer, leaving you with visions of a summer induced getaway where the sun will be shining brightly across that beautiful city backdrop making for those perfect summer holiday snaps. Well, the problem with Budapest is that everyone has jumped upon the bandwagon causing a high influx of visitors especially in the popular months of Spring, Summer and Autumn. That is why I would go for Winter, as not only will it be quieter, but it will also be cheaper and you might even get a dash of snow making for that winter wonderland experience.

As a destination Budapest has it all for those looking for that cultural European getaway. From an unknown quantity, to European heavyweight, here are a collection of photographs from my visit to the Hungarian capital to provide you with that extra nudge, just in case you were undecided on whether or not to pack you bags and reach for the passport. Presenting Budapest through the lens…

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  1. I loved ruin pubs in Budapest and food was amazing – more spicy. Language, food and culture is very different from other European countries.

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