Keep chasing your dreams

Wake up every morning and chase after your dreams. It takes courage to believe in something when no one else does – Point Break Lifestyle

Six months ago I quit my job to go traveling and this is a picture of me hiking through the Alpstein mountains. I don’t have a job, much money, a house, or many belongings, just a belief that I can find a way to push myself and squeeze as much out of living as I possibly can.

Along the way I have discovered a passion for photography, travel and writing, so I started this blog. If I didn’t make that leap of faith, I would still be doing a job that I disliked and living a life that I didn’t want to be living. Now I haven’t figured it all out by any means, but its a start to finding a way to doing something that I enjoy and want to do with my life.

Every day I realise that what I thought was important six months ago is not really that important at all.

If you have a dream and a passion to do something but do not know how to make it a reality, I implore you to not give up and find a way to make it happen!

This post is dedicated to all the dreamers in the world!

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