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After originally planning on making my way to Pula following a brief stop off in Zagreb, I had a last minute change of mind and headed for Rovinj instead. I’m so glad that I did because although Pula looks like a beautiful and interesting place to visit, I can’t ever imagine it holding a candle to Croatia’s darling Rovinj. To say I was blown away by Rovinj is an understatement. This little beauty is the jewel in Croatia’a crown and I was head-over-heels from the first moment I laid eyes on Rovinj.


Airbnb: a great option for your stay in Rovinj. With plenty of apartments to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice.

Hotel Monte Mulini; with a reputation as one of Croatia’s top hotels this luxurious 5 star hotel is the perfect option if money is no object for your stay on the Istrian peninsular. Fantastic food complements the tastefully decorated rooms and luxurious spa whilst the hotel’s location makes for exploring beautiful Rovinj ideal.

Spirito Santo Palazzo Storico; a boutique hotel set inside a quaint restored townhouse inside the city’s old town. Offering more of an intimate vibe to those looking to avoid the larger chain hotels this beautiful stopover is a perfect blend of modern and classic.

Reaching Rovinj:

You can fly to Pula airport which is located about a 45-minute drive away from Rovinj. From here you can either take a taxi or bus.

Alternatively you can arrive via coach from Zagreb to Rovinj’s coach station which is located about 200 yards away from the harbour.


Croatian Kuna



Getting around Rovinj:

You can easily walk everywhere in Rovinj as it is only a small town. Alternatively you could hire a bicycle to make your way around the town and surrounding areas.

Rovinj harbour; the perfect place to come for a view of the breathtaking old town and the rest of Rovinj. Why not pick up an ice cream, throw on the sunglasses and take a stroll along the periphery of the harbour whilst watching the boats come in and out? Although beautiful during the day, the harbour really comes to life in the evening when the sun sets and people sit in the open air cafes and restaurants enjoying a drink and their evening meals, as choirs sing and dancing classes take up residence by the harbour.

Punta Corrente Forest Park/Zlatni RT; with its many hiking and bicycle trails this tranquil park is perfect for all outdoor enthusiasts or those who fancy a picturesque stroll and a picnic. Alternatively you are on holiday, so why not throw caution to the wind and dive head first for a dip in the beautifully clear Istrian waters?

Hit the beach; whilst Rovinj doesn’t have the largest beaches in the world, they are extremely clean and a great place to relax due to them not being overcrowded. So grab a drink and a book whilst you unwind from the stresses of day to day life and drift away as you watch paradise pass by your very own eyes.

The Old Town; cobblestone streets run under archways and pass by quaint buildings, as you wind your way through this labyrinth of beautiful alleyways. Climb your way through the winding streets and lose yourself in a land where you are not captive to time, or a schedule. Peruse the many local shops, stop for a coffee, or a bite to eat, or maybe just pull up a seat at one of the bars and enjoy your favourite tipple whilst drinking in the views.

Visit the Church of St. Euphemia; dominating the skyline and taking centre stage, St. Euphemia is perched high up at the top of the old town. This baroque beauty offers great views of the surrounding areas whilst dazzling with its simplistic beauty inside and out.

Watch the sunset; I was left speechless by the Rovinj sunsets. Simply breathtaking I had goosebumps and it was my favourite pastime when I was in Rovinj. The sunset seems to linger for an eternity in Rovinj; anyone who has been there and seen it will understand what I mean. A profusion of colours come out to play as boats come and go under a rainbow of colours that illuminate the evening sky. I get all misty eyed just thinking about it!

Rovinj Heritage Museum; founded by a group of artists in 1954 and housing Istria’s prime collection of Italian art from the 1400s onwards, allowing you the chance to fuel your passion for flair by casting your artistic eye over some fine art and regional history.

Scuba diving; it will not come as a surprise that this beautifully character filled peninsula is a popular destination for scuba diving. One of the favourite sites to visit is the Baron Gautsch shipwreck. Sunk in 1914 this is one of Croatia’s best preserved and visited shipwrecks making for a spectacular adventure.

Take a walk; as the sun goes down and the lights begin to twinkle take yourself for an evening walk and see where the mood takes you. Lose all track of time and find new places to admire this Croatian beauty from. Sometimes it’s best to have a little less direction and more imagination to allow yourself to slip into moments where wanderlust can take over and you can fully appreciate just what passes before your very own eyes.

So as my time came to an end I was saddened to be departing this beautiful Croatian town. Rovinj had taken me by the hand and led me into a place that I never knew existed. You can crave wanderlust but to be taken to that place that all your travelling fantasies have been made up of is very rare. Rovinj is special. It is one of those places that you will visit time and time again as just like your first love you can never quite seem to get over it.

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