Cologne through the lens

Having parted ways with Antwerp it was now time for me to catch a train and I had decided that Cologne would be my next port of call. Although not the first place that springs to mind for most people when they are considering a trip to Germany, it is certainly a city that has plenty to offer.

Germany’s fourth largest city has a different feel to many of its German siblings. Whilst Berlin covers all things that are cool and Munich packs a rather large cultural punch, Cologne delivers a slower pace that allows for a laid back atmosphere, offering plenty to do and see in a city that you would be foolish to overlook.

I enjoyed my time in Cologne as I dug deep enough to uncover a charm that filters to the surface once you bypass the tourist handbook and go searching for a city that is waiting to be uncovered. You can sometimes miss what is right in front of your eyes when you have a guidebook, telling you what you should and should not see. Sometimes it is good to throw your best laid plans out of the window and go off instincts and that’s exactly what I did. So sit back and relax as you take a look at Cologne through the lens.

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