Ghent through the lens

Near and far, forever and a day- a yearning for wanderlust along the way;

A US trip, a liberation of the mind- highlighting the many years that I had been unhappy and blind

To the fact that I had been cheating myself and living a lie- when I think of the lost years, I feel a sadness- don’t cry!

Many lost years having passed, forever now gone- your life will only begin when you realise that you have just the one.

I’m daring to dream; it’s clear where I need to be- mindset, liberation, a new vision, now I see

That my life is in focus I’m finally free- I’m living in the moment all eyes are on me.

As I prepare to depart my face lights up with a smile- I guess this means that I have found my pointbreaklifestyle.

Paris, Madrid, Barcelona and Rome- all of these great cities I can now call my home.

My first evening in Bruges from our first moment I could tell- that you seduced with enchantment as you cast your spell.

A whimsical fairy-tale, a happy ending in sight- you’re achingly beautiful under the evening light.

Our last evening together, I pause for the view- your silence speaks volumes, an evening for two.

I whisper goodbye not knowing where our time went- I take one last glance, all aboard, next stop- Ghent!

My travels had now brought me to Ghent. Bruges’ neighbour had garnered quite a lot of favour with travellers to Belgium over recent years. A middle ground as it were between Bruges and Antwerp, a place that had me intrigued with an anticipation of not quite knowing what to expect.

Thoughts raced through my head of whether I would be coming across another charming, somewhat sleepy town, like its revered neighbour, or whether it would carry itself in a more robust, vociferous manner. It wasn’t long before I found out and I can honestly say that I wasn’t left feeling disappointed. A mixture of the two fuse perfectly to form a city that has a picturesque charm that not only can play the beauty card as well as Bruges, but also adds a pinch of hustle and bustle to the recipe that you might just find missing in the ornate fairy-tale land that resides a little further down the road.

If your heart desires beauty with that little dash of city vibrancy then Ghent might just be the place for you. I certainly know one thing and that is that I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in Belgium’s in-between city. Quite simply a beautiful place that provides you with more than plenty of history and sights to keep you fully occupied within your stop over.

So without further ado here is Ghent through the lens- enjoy!

I hope that you enjoyed these photographs. I know that I certainly enjoyed taking them on my visit to this fantastic city. As my time came to a close, I couldn’t help but think that my next destination had a lot to live up to after my visits to Bruges and Ghent. Logic would suggest that my next stop and final stop in Belgium would be Brussels but logic had been thrown out of the window a long time ago I was going were the mood took me and that meant a trip to Antwerp- see you there!

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