Philadelphia Through The Lens

No sooner had I departed Chicago than I was arriving in Philadelphia. The city of brotherly love is steeped with historical significance as it is the place where the United States founding fathers met, discussed, debated and formed a new country.

Home to Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, Philly presents you with a city that is unique, as although at first glance it can seem like a place that isn’t the most pleasing on the eye, once you unravel the layers its personality begins to shine brightly through.

If you refrain from just scratching the surface and dive in head first to immerse yourself within what the city has to offer then you will begin to unearth an edgy grit, that fuses with a working class energy, making for a fantastic city that maybe, just maybe, is what you have been looking for all along as you search for the perfect host to start your adventure!

Now, sit back and relax as I take you on a journey through Philadelphia with a catalogue of photographs that I captured from my stay in the city of brotherly love. Here’s Philadelphia through the lens- I hope you enjoy!

Philadelphia was a truly fantastic experience and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. A city with a lot to give and one that is awaiting your arrival so that you can uncover what it has to offer. Often overlooked in favour of more popular and glamorous east coast cities in the US, this lesser favoured sibling has been overlooked for far too long now. But I guarantee if you give it the time and pay it a visit, you won’t be left disappointed and more so, you might just find that one of the lesser favoured east coast family members will not just shine, but shine brightly!

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  1. Fantastic city images. You have an eye for details and capturing the moment. Great post.

    1. Thanks Jane. I started about ten months ago, so I’ve still got a long way to go. I’ve got a lot to learn, but I’m making gradual improvements and enjoying myself along the way. I’m glad that I managed to come across your blog, as your work is truly exceptional and it gives me a standard to aim for. I shall enjoy following your photography and blog from here on in.

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