As the train started to slow and make its way into the station I was gazing out of the window into the distance at the bright lights of the approaching city. As the conductor announced the final stop I grabbed my bags, slipped on my jacket, fastened down my hat and made my way of the train. I slowly began to find my bearings whilst weaving my way through the crowds and making a beeline for the exit. As I appeared from the station I was greeted by the harshness of the cold winter’s air and the unmistakably busy hustle from the streets that only a big city can provide- Hello Munich!

After living in the shadows of the country’s capital Berlin for so long Bavaria’s capital city is now making its own mark as a major tourist attraction, with its vibrant arts scene, beautiful architecture and fascinating heritage this fantastic city duly packs a punch when it comes to culture.

Where to stay:

If your looking for somewhere quirky and a little different for your stay, then why not try Cacoon Hauptbahnhof? With its comfortable rooms, alternative alpine decor, close proximity to the train station and the city centre just a short walk away, this little hotel is a fine choice for your Munich stopover.

Few hotels are better situated in Munich than Anna hotel. This chic hotel is just a stone’s throw away from Munich’s main train station. Guests can expect a minimalist feel with a relaxed ambience. Rooms offer up floor to ceiling windows with neutral colour schemes whilst the decor is of a classy modern disposition. Although there are no fitness and spa facilities on sight guests can make use of such facilities over at its closely located sister hotel Konigshof free of charge.

If you are restricted to a tighter budget then you needn’t worry as wombats CITY hostel is a superb choice for you. With its central location and close proximity to Munich main train station this light and airy hostel provides guests with clean rooms and a welcoming, friendly atmosphere without the big price tag.

So with our accommodation taken care of let’s delve in and find out what’s on offer in Germany’s third largest city:

With so many places to go and so many things to see where do you start off your exploration of this remarkable city? Let’s start off with a visit to the Marienplatz; with its central location in the heart of the city this allows you the perfect point of place to start your excursion. After making the short walk through the city centre I came to an abrupt halt as I was greeted by the resplendent architecture looming over me that is Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall). This architectural masterpiece is the eye catching focus over the north side of the Marienplatz.

Turning to your left you will find Frauenkirche. This cathedral is considered a symbol of the Bavarian Capital City. Its pair of towers are a Munich landmark and no new building is permitted to exceed their 109 metre height.

Across from the Neues Rathaus is St Peter’s Church, the oldest parish church in the city. Step inside and marvel at the high altar and its ornate interior. Whilst you will be rewarded if you decide to take the 299 steps towards the viewing deck with a sublime view of the city’s skyline

After tackling the 229 steps at St Peter’s Cathedral, it was time for me to grab a bite to eat and I had the perfect place in mind. Just a five minute stroll from the Marienplatz was a plant based eatery that I had heard so much about called Siggis. This cool, chic, little eatery is home to a fantastic selection of fresh plant based food and was the perfect place for me to unwind and refuel for an hour as I sampled some of the fine cuisine that it had to offer. The food here is simply fantastic and if you get the chance whilst you are in Munich to visit this fine eatery then I would highly recommend that you do so. Just make sure to book in advance as tables are limited due to the restaurant’s size and popularity.

After finishing up with lunch it was time to get back to exploring with a royal visit to the Munich Residenz. This former royal palace of the Wittelsbach monarchs of Bavaria with its 10 courtyards and 130 rooms is the largest city palace in Germany. Take the grand tour and engross yourself in royal history whilst taking an admiring glance at the architecture, room decorations and displays.

Maybe you’re eager to discover the world of science and technology- that’s not a problem as Munich has all bases covered and is home to the world’s largest museum of science and technology. The Deutsches Museum with its 28,000 exhibited objects from 50 fields of science and technology has plenty to keep you fascinated and occupied for hours on end.

From science and technology to Bavarian history Munich has something for everybody so clear a space in your diary for some further cultural indulgence with a visit to the Bavarian National Museum. Located to the south of the Englischer Garten this is one of the most important museums of decorative arts in Europe and one of the largest art museums in Germany.

Making sure to not be outdone by two of the world’s big hitting cities New York City and London, Munich has its own beautiful sprawling park in the centre of the city. This beautiful tranquil haven is the perfect way to escape the chaos of the city and unwind.

Passionate about photography? If so, this city serves you up a fantastic treat as the streets are lined with beautiful architecture making this the perfect setting to capture some amazing photography. So snap away until your heart is content as you search and look to capture the perfect shot.

Calling all car enthusiasts is the BMW museum. Established in 1973, this cool and fascinating museum is sure to have all petrol heads licking their lips and filled with excitement. The museum contains a collection of vintage cars, engines, turbines, aircraft and motorcycles along with a look back over the history of the company.

Success breeds success and this vibrant city is of course home to one of the most successful football clubs in Europe in FC Bayern Munich. Steeped in history the Bavarian powerhouses are Germany’s most successful team of all time amassing an impressive trophy cabinet that includes 28 league titles, 18 national cups and 5 European cups. So for the football fanatic, a trip to the Allianz Arena is a must and whether that’s to take in a game or for the impressive tour of the stadium and museum you won’t be left disappointed.

Offering an alternative to the Allianz Arena is Olympiapark. Host to the 1972 Olympics this former historical Olympic venue is still an extremely popular day out. With its sports facilities, lakes, bicycle paths, aquarium, zip-line over the stadium roof and an array of places to eat or grab a coffee, this fantastic stadium gives you the perfect opportunity to provide your day with some exciting entertainment.

As quickly as I could blink my time in Munich was coming to a close. My 48 hours in this action packed city seemed to fly by, making me wish that I had longer to uncover a little more of what was on offer. But that’s generally a sign of a great city; they leave you longing for more and yearning to make a return. So as I awoke the next morning to catch the next departing train, I was left thinking that my next destination had a lot to live up to and big shoes to fill. So as I departed I took one last look and said goodbye to Munich before making the short journey and saying hello to Salzburg.

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